It takes a community to make a banana split. For 22 years now Clinton County has celebrated the creation of the Banana Split by supporting this local event.  While organized by the Wilmington A.M. Rotary Club and the Wilmington Noon Rotary Club, many organizations support this event.

2016 Committee Officers:
Festival Chairperson - Duane Weyand
Festival Vice Chairperson – Kevin Johnson
Treasurer – Scott Kirchner

2016 Committee Chairs:
Logistics Chair - Frank Schrier, Jr.
Logistics Co-Chair - Kerry Steed
Banana Split Shoppe - Tim Ellis / Kevin Johnson
Games – Sigrid Solomon
Fundraising – Steve Roe
Food – Paul Fear
Cruise-in – Charlie Hargrave
Collectibles/Craft Vendors - Marian Miller
Entertainment – Bob Schaad
Hazard's – Sandy Mongold & Mary Gibson
Parking – Geoff Ganz
Accounting – Patti Herron / Scott Kirshner
Commercial Vendors –Mitch Lippert
Big Banana Baseball Tournament – Jay Sewell
Volunteer Labor – Sigrid Solomon


Wilmington Noon Rotary Club President - Kathryn Markins
Wilmington A.M. Rotary Club President -Rick Stanforth

To contact any of our organizers, please send an email to



The Banana Split Festival is organized by the Wilmington Rotary Club and the Wilmington A.M. Rotary Club. All net proceeds go to Clinton County Charities.