Vendor Info

The Banana Split Festival is a great place to find collectibles, crafts, or other products. A wide variety of choices will be on display at the festival. We always have something for everyone from two to 92!  Vendor applications are still being accepted for the festival.

 "I don't know if I am craft vendor or
a commercial vendor?"

Commercial Vendor

A commercial booth vendor sells products and services that are developed for wholesale or retail distribution. Examples of commercial products are: Home improvement Services, Chiropractic Services, purse & sunglass sales and pool & spa sales. Products for sale at commercial booth must be properly licensed by the manufacturer. Knock-offs and counterfeit goods are not permitted to be sold at the Banana Spilt Festival.

If you intend to sell items that you did not make,
you would be a commercial vendor. For questions, please contact  

For an application to be a commercial vendor at the festival, click here

Craft Vendor

A craft booth vendor sells products that are "homemade". Examples of craft products are handmade: metal art, jewelry, grapevine wreaths and quilts.

For an application to be a craft vendor at the festival, click here
These items must be handmade by you, the vendor. For questions, contact Marian Miller at  



The Banana Split Festival is organized by the Wilmington Rotary Club and the Wilmington A.M. Rotary Club. All net proceeds go to Clinton County Charities.